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Heavy rains in Delhi that disrupted public life are now restored after 3 days of public life; that is, the Yamuna Water Level in Delhi is decreasing, but not so much because there are many areas of Delhi where the road is now Also flooded in colonies and parks where there is no good drainage facility, people’s difficulties have not abated yet, so we can say that due to the Yamuna Water Level, Delhi still has trouble in some parts of the city. But there is some relieving news that the fierce form of the Yamuna River is now going to calm down. That is, the water level has continued to decline since 8:00 p.m. last Thursday.

Yamuna Water Level Delhi

According to Delhi government sources, all departments like Delhi Disaster Management, Delhi Police, the District Magistrate, and the I&F department have come on alert mode for disaster management. The areas on the lower banks of Delhi have been evacuated, and people have been moved to safer places.  People have been monitored daily by the government. People have been strictly instructed not to drink water from the river. Meanwhile, ASI officials have clarified under Yamuna Water Level Delhi that the Red Fort has been closed since July 14.

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The incident took place on Monday when Yamuna waters crossed the danger mark and spread on the roads of the capital, flooding thousands of areas even as the waters reached the walls of the Red Fort.  This made it difficult for people to see the Red Fort. Delhi Flood News: Live Updates According to the information, many people were found traveling in water up to their necks. Meanwhile, Rajghat and Old Delhi Fort areas were reported to be flooded by the Disaster Management Department, as you know. The Red Fort was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and is situated on the banks of the Yamuna River in Delhi.

Delhi Flood News in Hindi Overview 


Article Title  Yamuna Water Level Delhi
Category  Water Level increasement
Year 2023
State Delhi
River Yamuna
Water Level Yamuna 208.57 m 
Last record Water level year 1978


Delhi Flood News Live updates

The water level of the Yamuna in Delhi has remained stable recently, but the possibility is being expressed that it is likely to decrease. On the other hand, according to a statement by a senior official of the Central Water Commission, the water level of the Yamuna is 208.62 under Yamuna Water Level Delhi. The meter is built. 

The declining water level of the Yamuna seems to be bringing peace to the hearts of the people of Delhi, meaning that the people of Delhi are already feeling relief. I just told you the water level data of Yamuna according to the flood monitoring portal of CWC, and this water level remained stable until 4:00 pm. According to the CWC report, the next 4 hours will prove decisive, i.eThe Yamuna water level is expected to come up to 208.57 meters in the next 4 hours under Delhi Floods Live updates.


Yamuna Water Level Delhi
Yamuna Water Level Delhi


Yamuna Water Level Check

After checking the Yamuna Water Level, the Delhi Police have imposed Section 144 in all the flood-affected areas. Delhi has not yet seen such a Yamuna Water Level because the highest water level of Yamuna was about 3 to 4 decades ago, on September 6, 1978, when the water level of Yamuna reached the highest of 207.57 meters. 

This time, Yamuna has broken its record. This is the fourth time this year that the water level of the Yamuna has crossed 207 meters in Delhi. We are providing you with moment-by-moment updates under Yamuna Water Level Check today.

Yamuna Water Level Today

In view of the deteriorating flood situation in Delhi, senior officials of the Delhi Police today visited all the flood-affected areas and submitted a report to the government. According to Yamuna Water Level Today Live, the rising water level of the Yamuna has flooded major roads, so heavy traffic on the development road in Delhi has taken on a very serious form. Meanwhile, NDRF personnel conducted a survey in the flooded Yamuna. 

The Yamuna river level reached 208.57 meters on Thursday morning. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal held talks with traffic police and other agencies over the rise in Yamuna water level. The CM said in a tweet that the rise in Yamuna water caused heavy traffic jams at Shastri Park, Khajuri Pusta Road, and Khajuri Khas Chowk in north-east Delhi due to traffic diversion on the Old Yamuna Bridge and the Kashmiri Gate Road Signature Bridge in Delhi.

FAQs Related Yamuna Water Level Delhi

How much did the Yamuna Water Level in Delhi reach?

The water level of the Yamuna reached 208.57 meters on Thursday.

After how many years has the water level of the Yamuna River reached another level?

The water level of the Yamuna River has reached record levels after about 3 to 4 decades.

In which meeting was the decision taken to close schools and colleges in Delhi?

The decision to close schools and colleges in Delhi was taken at a meeting of the DDMA on Sunday.

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