Ather 450s Price, Range, Battery Charging Time, Specs, Features

As you know, Ather Energy is one of the best low-cost electric scooters, completely made by this company, and it is being called the 450s, although the company has trademarked the “450s” nametag. It is coming to our attention that its launch is coming very soon, i.e., it will be launched soon. In relation to the Ather 450s price, you will also be addressed in this article below. 

Ather 450 Price

So you will have to read and bookmark this article to get more details on the Ather 450 price. Recently, Ather has prepared such an update by adding a new entry-level variant, which is called the 450s. Talking about the Ather 450s price, you will get it in the market for around Rs 98183. These types of prices are for Delhi with ex-showroom, Fame II, and state subsidies.

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Meanwhile, the 450X Propack is said to be around Rs 30,000 more than the Ather 450s as you get riding modes, fast charging, and a host of new features, so don’t expect the Ather 450S to undercut the entry-level 450X variant. On the other hand, among the main competitors in front of Ether, only Ola comes forward, which already includes the lowest-cost electric scooter like the S1 Air, whose price is said to start at Rs 84999.

Ather 450x Gen 3 Price 2023 Overview


Article Heading  Ather 450s Price
Bike fuel type Electric
Torque 26 Nm
Max Speed 80 kmph
Charging Time 5 hours 40 Min 
Rate 1.28 lakh to 1.49
Total Cost of Ownership  154,456Rs. 


Ather 450s Summary

The ex-showroom price for the Ather 450s starts at around 169,000. In this, you get the facility of a lithium-ion battery and an automatic transmission. Under Ather 450s Summary, here you get the battery range of 116 kph mileage once the battery is fully charged. Here you get hydraulic disc brakes, and the battery of your bike gets fully charged in about 5 hours and 45 minutes. If we talk about the dimensions of this bike, you get a length of 1812, a width of 739, and a height of 1103 millimeters.


Ather 450s Price
Ather 450s Price


Ather 450X’s Cost of Ownership


Category  Cost of Ownership 
Running Cost 7298.63 Rs.
Insurance 18792.64 Rs.
Service Cost Rs. 00
Ex-Showroom Price 128365 Rs. 
Total Cost Of Ownership  1,54,456.27 Rs. 


Ather 450s Latest Update

Ather has issued an announcement to install about 580 fast charging stations; according to information, it has been expanded to more than 56 cities, including metro cities and tier 2 and tier 3 markets. The Ather 450 is one such premium, sporty electric scooter with state-of-the-art features and a top speed of around 80 kmph. 

According to the Ather 450’s latest update, its electric motor has 5.4 kW of power and 20.5 Nm of torque. For added convenience, you get reverse assist here. If we talk about the Ather 450s price in Bangalore, then here you get it at a starting price of Rs. 1,13,715.

Ather 450 Price in India

According to sources, information has been received that under the Ather 450s sports, you get a 7-inch long touch screen, in which you get Google Maps navigation, digital document storage, 247 connectivity with SIM, and a dedicated application in which you get charging status, navigation, ride statistics, and book service. 

As per the information received under Ather 450s Price in India, the lithium-ion battery is located on the floorboard, so a very low center of gravity ensures better stability. According to the features of the Ather 450s Price, here you get three types of charging systems: home charging, public place charging, and portable charging.

Ather 450X On-Road Price

Ather has ensured that one can charge the bike very quickly when out and about through the Ather Grid fast charging point. And apart from this, you can find the information and location of the Ather Greater Charging Point through the application on your scooter’s dashboard or through any other Ather application. Along with this, you can also use the scooter’s onboard charger. 

You can also recharge the battery by connecting the cord to a 5-amp socket to use the charger. The latest Athex 450X on-road price gets you it in Bengaluru and Chennai with a delivery time of around 4 to 6 weeks, and it also rivals the likes of Bajaj Chetak and TVS iQube Electric.

FAQs regarding the Ather 450 price

What is the starting price of an Ather 450 electric scooter in 2023?

The starting price of the Ather 450 electric scooter is around Rs 1.69 lakh.

In how many color options is the Ather 450 available?

The Ather 450 is available in a total of six color options.

What is the top speed and mileage of the Ather 450?

The top speed and mileage of the Ather 450 are expected to be 80 kmph and 146 kmph, respectively.

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