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The latest news is coming now that the cyclonic storm Biparjoy is moving very fast towards Gujarat, and such apprehensions are coming about Biparjoy Cyclone News that it is believed to hit the shores of Gujarat. If we talk about its greater impact, then it is known that its greater impact will be seen in Saurashtra and Kutch. Maharashtra and Rajasthan are also not going to remain untouched by this. And a warning of heavy rain has also been issued in many districts. According to Biporjoy Cyclone News, before this cyclonic storm reaches the coast of Gujarat, about 1 lakh people have been taken to safe places by the government amid security. 

Biporjoy Cyclone News

The government has also issued an alert to the people that they should not come out of their houses unnecessarily. And keep following every instruction of the government. The government has deployed several teams of NDRF and SDRF in terms of security, and the central and state governments are taking a one-minute review. Regarding Biporjoy Cyclone News, people are being updated moment by moment. Chief Minister Bhupendra Bhai Patel himself is getting moment-by-moment updates to get rid of such a dire situation; however, it is also being said that Biporjoy’s speed may slow down by Friday morning. 

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The government has canceled 76 trains. According to Gujarat Relief Commissioner Alok Pandey, about 22 people have been found injured, and no one has been included in the death toll, but yes, 23 animals have died and 524 trees have been uprooted. According to the report received from Biporjoy Cyclone News, due to the collapse of electric poles, the power system has come to a standstill in about 940 villages.

Viparjoy Live Updates 2023 Overview 


Article Heading  Biparjoy Cyclone News
Category  Entertainment
State Gujarat
Total accidents  22 are wounds

No death 

Total alert states 9
Wind speed 125-240 kmph
Rainfall 5 inches


Cyclone Viparjoy Live Updates

It has been learned that on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked to Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel over the phone and inquired about the latest situation. According to the Cyclone Viparjoy Live Updates, he took the latest information from the Chief Minister regarding the protection of wild animals, including lions and other wild animals in Gir forests. 

On the other hand, Mrityunjay Mohapatra, who is the Director General of the Indian Meteorological Department, said in the information that the upcoming Viparjoy cyclone is moving at a speed of 13 to 14 kilometers per hour in a radius of about 50 kilometers. And under this Biporjoy Cyclone News, it has been told that Mandvi Kutch Devbhoomi, Dwarka Morbi, Junagadh, and Jamnagar districts are in bad condition as high waves are rising in these areas, while Dwarka Okha Nalia Bhuj Porbandar and Kandla are receiving heavy rains.


Biparjoy Cyclone News
Biparjoy Cyclone News


Cyclone Viparjoy Live 2023

In Pakistan, too, every possible effort is being made to control this natural calamity. These efforts are being made by the government and the administration at their own level. The administration is also taking measures to reduce the damage caused by this cyclone. According to the information received from IMD, after reaching Rajasthan from Gujarat under Cyclone Viparjoy Live 2023, the cyclone will move towards Delhi, Haryana, and western Uttar Pradesh. 

For the next few days, wind will blow at a speed of 30 to 40 km/h and rain will occur in the areas around Delhi. Due to this, the temperature of the entire North India will also fall. At present, the temperature in Bihar and Jharkhand is at a high level, but according to the Biporjoy Cyclone News, the temperature will fall after June 18.

Cyclone Viparjoy Latest Update

It is learned that due to Cyclone Viparjoy, the Dwarkadhish temple is closed for devotees, and it will be opened for devotees once again on Friday. The main reason for this was that many trees were uprooted due to this cyclone in Gujarat’s Dwarka. The cyclonic storm is moving at a speed of about 130 kilometers from the coast of Gujarat. 

So that life and property can be protected in time. According to the Meteorological Department of India, under the Cyclone Viparjoy Latest Update, it is being told that the “eye of the cyclone” will pass through Gujarat’s output and Karachi, Pakistan, about 3 to 4 hours after the onset of landfall from Gujarat. Later, it will pass. And this landfall process will continue until midnight.

FAQs regarding Biporjoy Cyclone News

Who is the Director General of IMD?

The Director General of IMD is Dr. Mrityunjay Mohapatra.

What has been the effect of the Viparjoy cyclone in Gujarat?

About 22 people have been injured in Gujarat due to the Viparjoy cyclone; 940 villages have lost electricity, and many trees have been uprooted.

What are the teams deployed to deal with the loss of life and property?

NDRF and SDRF teams have been deployed to deal with the loss of life and property.

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