Diwali Board Decoration Ideas 2023, For School, Offices, House

Diwali, One of the most anticipated festivals of India which is also known as Festival of Lights. The best evil comes with great enthusiasm across the country and also all over the world. Before Diwali day, the festival is celebrated in Schools across India. This also shows our culture of nation and comes alive with creativity and colour. It also shows our tradition and sparkling diyas are Indicators of brightening lights in our life. These ideas will inspire you to create ideas in this festival during the auspicious day. 

Diwali Board Decoration Ideas 2023

Diwali Board Decoration Ideas 2023: Festivals like Diwali are Celebrated with great enthusiasm across India and this is the festival of the victory of good over evil. Before Diwali people decorate their houses and clean their surroundings to create a positive and auspicious atmosphere for the festival. On the day Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi worshipped. Educational institutions like schools are great places to celebrate Diwali as a cultural event.

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This festival also shows our culture that’s why the significance of the cultural festival is very important. Decorating school boards is a creative and engaging way to involve students in the festival of Diwali to acquire knowledge in the field of rich culture of India. This festival is also associated with our historical moment according to some books. 

Diwali Board Decoration Ideas 2023 Overview 

Festival  Diwali 
Year  2023 
Category  Festival 
Date  12 November 2023 
Day  Sunday 
On the Day of  Kartik Amawasya 


Top 10 Diwali School Board Decoration Ideas 2023

Handmade Diwali banners crafted by students or very much suitable for school corridors. These handmade banners can future traditional motifs like Rangoli, festive and diyas greetings. The decoration with colour shows the fantastic way that its students are involved in the decoration process that gives a personal touch on the occasion of Diwali. Decorating school boards is a creative way to involve students in their traditional curriculum activity and to provide them knowledge about their rich cultural heritage. 


Diwali Board Decoration Ideas
Diwali Board Decoration Ideas


Diwali Board Decoration Ideas For School 2023

The student can also create a Diwali fact board in Diwali Board Decoration Ideas 2023. In this factory board they can decorate it with various elements like craft books pages and colours. After decorating you can give significance, history and other things of the Festival of light. The students can also use pictures and illustrations to convey the information of the festival. This can also be known as Diwali facts board and which educate a student can give reference to Ramayana by setting up the board. In this board you can also share about the festival atmosphere and the cultural awareness. 

Diwali Board Decoration Ideas 2023

Diya Art Board large size Diya drawn on a board and decorated with colours and designs. You can mix paint coloured paper and various types of things. Use a mix paint, and even real tears can be included on this to glow your masterpiece. 

Rather than this hang handmade Diwali banners can also be used as a craft ship with a message to glorify and reflect the positivity all around helping everyone understand the spirit of the festival of light. These ideas will inspire you to create a festive ambience during this auspicious season. This year Diwali will be celebrated on Amavasya Tithi of Kartik month. That is to be celebrated on 12 November 2023 and Dhanteras will be celebrated on 10 November 2023. 

Diwali Notice Board Decoration Ideas 2023

Students can create a national pride themed board. The national pride themed award should be dedicated to showing the current events of India like Chandrayaan mission, The Indian cricket team and the success of Asian games. These teams can also include the national pride dedicated to showing the remarkable events of history. 

Some of the cut-off papers can be a hand like a craft customised Diwali banner with a message to reflect positivity on the day. You can mix colour paint,  Coloured paper and even real Diyas to decorate Diwali Board Decoration Ideas 2023. 

Diwali  Bulletin Board Decoration Ideas 2023

Floating candles are like a masterpiece to decorate the school’s Assembly. You can use a bowl or tray filled with water and use floating candles. Along with that rangolis or the signs and indicators of Diwali. Vibrant rangoli designs can give traditional charm along with samples of welcome and good luck. Various types of rangoli designs can be created.

Rather than this paper Lanterns are very useful to decorate the walls of school. The handmade diyas crafting traditional diyas can be used as a wonderful addition to school Diwali decoration. So this is all about Diwali Board Decoration Ideas 2023. 

FAQs related to Diwali Board Decoration Ideas 2023

 What is the date of Diwali 2023?

12 November 2023 is the date of Diwali.

How can I decorate the Diwali board?

You can decorate the boards by following the above ideas. 

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