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Today’s article is going to be extremely special for you. Assume that 20 to 25 minutes of reading this article on how to sell old notes today is going to bring a new ray of light into your life; that is, your life is going to change completely. You will not only be surprised, but you will be amazed that this even happens. Yes, we are talking about How to sell old notes; it is a medium by which you can become a millionaire very easily in a short time. A lot of people will laugh at this, and they will even make fun of us saying this, but guys here, we want to tell you seriously that this is not a joke. 

How to Sell Old Notes

Now you can become a millionaire very easily by selling old and antique notes lying in your house. If you really want to make money, then you have to come last with us in this article and get all the information. Friends, in today’s age, nothing is impossible because the age is of the internet, and on the internet, anything we can imagine, we get. If you also want to get information about How to sell old notes, then you should not read this article in a hurry at all, but very comfortably and patiently understand every piece of information mentioned in this article. 

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Today we will tell you how to sell old unique and rare notes, where to sell them, and how much money to sell them for. You will also get complete information about how to use the website here today, for which you have to read this article till the end and also bookmark it to get complete updates.

Sell Note Online For Money 2023 Overview 


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Old Note Sell Online

We want to make it clear to you that all kinds of old, rare, and antique notes are sold online in the international market and that big bids are made. And these bids, you won’t believe, sometimes go up to millions and millions. They organize exhibitions to sell old Antique or Rare coins and notes, where people buy such old and priceless coins and notes as per their desire. 

And the people who attend this exhibition here are all billionaires or trillionaires. And let me reveal to you a secret about these people: once they like something, they buy it at a bargain price. If we get information about how to sell old notes, it comes out that there are a lot of websites, which we will make you mention in this article, where this kind of exhibition and online buying and selling of old notes and coins keeps going.


How to Sell Old Notes
How to Sell Old Notes


Antique 10 rupee Note Price

Friends, if you have a ₹ 10 rupee note whose note number series says 786, then this note or coin becomes very special. You will not believe that if you send this note on an online website, the antique 10 rupee note price is around 200,000. Or it also depends on your intelligence and discretion as to how many rupees you get from this type of antique and precious note. 

How to sell old notes In the same order as this article, let us tell you that if you have a ₹5 note that has 786 marked on it and this note is a note with a tractor, i.e., if this note has a tractor printed on it, you can get it for Rs 200000 to Rs 1000000, if you do it online again according to your wisdom and discretion with this note.

Old Note Sell

One more piece of information that we deem appropriate to tell you here is that one such bundle having a total of 10 coins is being sold for Rs 11.10 lakhs. In this bundle, 4 coins are of 1961 and 33 coins are of 1962 and 1963, respectively. Under Old Note Sell in the same order if you have a 10 paise coin, and you can get up to ₹200000 of it, provided this coin is from the year 1974. 

Under your question, How to sell old notes in the same order? You can get up to Rs 1.5 lakh for an old and unique coin of 25 paise 2 that was issued in the year Steel 50 paise coin is being sold for ₹100000 by a famous website that buys and sells notes online.  If you have such a coin, you can send it instantly and become a millionaire. For which you are told below how you can sell it online. A ₹2 coin with the flag of India engraved on the back and it was issued by the Government of India in the year 1994, you can get the whole ₹500000.

Steps To Sell Old Notes and Coins

If you also own some unique old and rare notes and coins, then the joys in your home yard are just coming, so let me tell you how you can sell your old notes online. 

  1. You have to first visit the official website for selling or buying old notes or coins: or 
  2. After reaching the home page of this official website, you have to register your account on the platform of this website. 
  3. For which you have to provide your mobile number and email ID. 
  4. After which, you have to take clear pictures of both the front and back pages of your old note coins and upload them on this site. 
  5. After doing so, your work is finished, and the further work is done by the online website. 
  6. The website displays your notes and coins online. 
  7. Buyers interested in your notes or coins will contact you automatically using your phone number or email ID, after which you will clearly ask for the price you have asked for your notes.

FAQs Related How to sell old notes

Can I sell my old and unique notes and coins this way?

You have to follow the guidelines mentioned in this article to sell your old and unique notes or coin.

Which website buys or sells old notes and coins?

You will find a mention of a website to sell and buy old notes and coins that are unique and rare in this article.

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