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As you will know, India is considered to be one of the largest democracies in the world today. We are here to inform you about the upcoming Lok Sabha Election Date of 2024 in India because people were very demanding some information about it. Many people often wonder when the next Prime Minister’s Election 2023–24 will be held in India, so this post was created just for you. You will find information about the Lok Sabha Election Date of 2024 here today. And also, you will know when the Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh Assembly elections will be held later this year.

Lok Sabha Election Date 2024

Here we are feeling very hesitant to tell you that different elections are going to be held this year, but before that, let us clarify that any date you know is almost temporary. These dates should be held before the end of the term. As you know, the NDA government led by the illustrious Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has been providing new dimensions to India for the last nine years. Now, according to the Lok Sabha Election Date 2024, new Lok Sabha elections will be held.

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The information has come out that the Next PM Election Date of 2024 will be held in May 2024. It is being informed that the notification for the Lok Sabha Election Date of 2024 may be issued by January. According to sources, it has emerged that the current term of PM Shri Narendra Modi is ending on June 16, 2024. 

Lok Sabha Chunav 2024 Overview 


Article Title Lok Sabha Election Date 2024
Category  Election news 
Lok Sabha election expected time May 2024
Total seats for lok sabha  543
Present Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi 
Next Prime Minister  TBA
Previous Prime Minister  Sri Narendra Modi


Next PM Election Date 2024

There are strong possibilities expressing that the Next PM Election date in 2024 is expected to be May 2024 or earlier. But the most different thing is that the Election Commission will decide when to hold the programme after conducting the meeting at different levels. As you know, The Lok Sabha has a total of 543 seats, for which members are elected through an electoral process, and the winner elects the Prime Minister.


Lok Sabha Election Date
Lok Sabha Election Date


Lok Sabha Election 2024

The BJP has started preparing for the Lok Sabha Election 2024 in Uttar Pradesh. The party is preparing strategies where it feels particularly weak. Therefore, it is working to ensure its victory in the 2024 Lok Sabha Election. If we talk about Lok Sabha elections in UP, the NDA won 64 seats, while the BSP won 10 seats, the SP won 5 seats, and the Congress got only one seat. 

Lok Sabha Election Date: 2024 In the context of Lok Sabha Election Date 2024, the party has identified 10 more seats besides the 16 seats it lost in A report by The Print reveals that the BJP won a total of 105 seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections by a margin of more than three lakh votes.

Upcoming Elections in India Next PM Election Date

  • Andhra Pradesh, May 2024; 
  • Arunachal Pradesh, April 2024; 
  • Chhattisgarh, December 2023. 
  • Delhi, February 2025 
  • Assam, April 2026; 
  • Bihar, October 2025 
  • Haryana, October 2024; 
  • Gujarat, December 2027; 
  • Goa, December 2027; 
  • Himachal Pradesh, 2028; 
  • Jammu and Kashmir 2023 
  • Jharkhand April 2024, 
  • Punjab February 2027, 
  • Orissa; April 2024, 
  • Nagaland; February 2028, 
  • Mizoram; December 2023 
  • Meghalaya 2028 
  • Manipur February 2027 
  • Maharashtra October 2024 
  • MP January 2023 
  • Kerala May 2026, 
  • Karnataka May 2028, 
  • West Bengal March 2026, 
  • Uttar Pradesh February 2027, 
  • Tripura; February 2028, 
  • Uttarakhand February 2027 
  • Tamil Nadu April 2026 
  • Telangana December 2023 
  • Sikkim, April 2024; 
  • Rajasthan, December

When is the Next Prime Minister’s Election in India?

According to the information received by the ancestors, the Next Prime ministerial Election in India in 2024 will be decided based on the list above, but in the meantime, news is coming out that the current NDA term is till May. 

Under the Next Prime Minister Election in India 2024, the country’s major national parties are holding elections and fighting to get their place. Many people have a huge desire that this government come back to win once again, and this time people seem to be sealing this possibility.

FAQs Related Lok Sabha Election Date 2024

When will the next prime ministerial election be held in 2024?

The next prime ministerial election in 2024 will be held in May.

How many seats in total will the prime ministerial election be contested for?

The Prime Ministerial Election 2023 will be held for a total of 543 seats.

Which two parties are considered to be candidates in the Lok Sabha elections?

The Lok Sabha elections are considered to be a clash between two parties, the BJP and the Congress.

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