Titanic Submarine Missing, Latest Update, Banging Sounds

A few days back, sitting in a submarine, 5 people went to visit the place or we can say went to search where the Titanic ship was sunk many 100 years ago. The surprising thing is that the submarine itself disappeared. Neither did anyone get any news nor the submarine being found in the seabed, people are worried that after all the submarine and those 5 people have gone, where did they go? 

Titanic Submarine Missing

Many people believe that the sudden disappearance of submarines like this without giving any signal or leaving any evidence is a sign of the presence on earth of some mysterious species. In this article, we are going to tell you all the information related to Titanic Submarine Missing in great detail, so please do read this article till the end. As you read above, where a ship as big as Titanic had sunk many years ago, a few days ago, again a big submarine named Titan sunk surprisingly.

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As soon as people around the world got the news of the Titanic Submarine Missing, many rumors started spreading about the place where the Titanic ship was sunk. People are still hoping to find the missing submarine. According to sources, the Canadian Navy and the US Navy are trying their best to find this missing submarine with the help of goldsmiths in the Atlantic Ocean. So far no trace of the existence of the submarine has been found. If you want news updates on this subject from time to time, then bookmark our website.

Titanic Submarine Missing Overview


Article Titanic Submarine Missing
Event Titan named the submarine missing
Submarine name Titan
Previously sunk ship Titanic
Ocean Atlantic
Depth 3800 metre


Titanic Submarine Missing Passengers

Another news related to Titanic Submarine Missing was also released by the Military and US Military and that was that some time ago on 21 June 2023 when one of their ships was searching for this missing submarine in the Atlantic Ocean where the Titanic Ship At the same place 3800 meters below the sea level, he saw some movement on the sonar. Till now the official confirmation has not come whether or not the movement was caused by the submarine or because of what it happened but the biggest dilemma is how to go down 3800 meters and bring that submarine up and its 5 people present in the submarine. His life should be told. According to the information, there are only a few hours of oxygen left in that submarine and till now there is no evidence of the submarine being found.

As you all know that a big submarine has disappeared without leaving any evidence in a very mysterious way in the Atlantic Ocean and it is being searched for the last few days but no evidence of its existence is being found. People are spreading a lot of rumours about this submarine and that sea place and are also trying to know who were the five Titanic Submarine Missing Passengers present in that submarine. We would like to inform all of you that the names of those 5 people were:

  1. Stockton Rush
  2. Hamish Harding
  3. Paul-Henri Nargeolet
  4. Shahzada Dawood
  5. Suleman Dawood


Titanic Submarine Missing
Titanic Submarine Missing


Titanic Submarine Missing Location

As soon as the news spread on the internet that the place where the Titanic ship sank many years ago, people started spreading rumours about that specific sea place. By the way, rumors should also be spread because so many hours have passed but till now no evidence has been found for the presence of that submarine, even though we have so many modern appointments. How such a big submarine can disappear without leaving any evidence and without leaving any signal is a matter of great surprise. People very eagerly want to know about Titanic Submarine Missing Location and want to go there, then we would like to tell those people that the place of Samarin’s disappearance is 435 miles south of St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Titanic Submarine Missing Live Updates

People from all over the world are still eyeing the news of the disappearance of this big Submarine Titan because many 100 years ago at this place a very big ship named Titanic also sank. People believe that this place itself is cursed. If we are to believe the news channels then the live update of this event is that this morning the young man and the Canadian Navy saw some movement on their sonar 3800 meters below in the Atlantic Ocean but when checked later nothing was present there Was and the name of the submarine has not been found yet. If you want to keep reading Titanic Submarine Missing Live Updates from time to time, then follow our website.

Titanic Submarine Billionaire

It is also spread on the internet that this time the submarine which has been sung, whose name was the title, there were 5 people present in the submarine, one of whom was named Hemis Harding and that person was a billionaire. According to rumors, people believe that this billionaire had a hand in the disappearance of the submarine and this billionaire is a member of the world’s largest mysterious organization, the Illuminati. We would request all of you that for such a serious matter, never do the work on spreading rumors through your social media and have little faith in official news channels and websites. Don’t forget to bookmark our website to get time-to-time updates on this topic.

FAQs on Titanic Submarine Missing

What is the name of the missing submarine?


Which ocean has the Titanic sinking point?

Atlantic ocean.

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