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Indian businessman Ashneer Grover is the former co-founder and managing director of Bharat Pay. Bharti is a fintech company that was founded by Shashank knock rani and Bhavik Kalodiya in 2018. Ashneer Grover was one of the industrious persons who not only founded Bharat pay but also gave his years on this. In this post we are going to tell you about the lifestyle of Ashneer Grover, What is the net worth of Ashneer Grover Net Worth, and What is the current situation of Ashneer Grover. To know all about Ashneer Grover’s Net Worth stay with us in this post at last. 

Ashneer Grover Net Worth

Ashneer Grover was born on 14 June 1982. Currently he is 41 years old as of 2023. He was born in Delhi and his father started as an accountant. Currently, the position of us near Grover is in a glamorous situation. He is one of the viral influencers in social media platforms also. His birthplace is Delhi and his wife’s name is Madhuri Janvi Grover. He is the founder of Bharat pay and his son is 11 years old whose name is Grover. His daughter’s name is Mannat Grover.

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And if we talk about Ashneer Grover’s Net Worth, then his net worth is 490 crore Rupees. His education was in Delhi and he completed his BTech in civil engineering from IIT Delhi. During his graduation this year also selected IIT Delhi in exchange it to Rent program for INSA Lyon  University in France. He got enrolled in an MBA in finance program at IIM Ahmedabad. From here his financial growth started and this was the pillar. 

Ashneer Grover Net Worth Overview 


Title  Ashneer Grover Net Worth 
Year  2023 
Category  Net Worth 
Age  41 Years 
Founder  Bharat Pe 
Net Worth  790 Crore Rupees 


Ashneer Grover Career 

Ashneer Grover carrier started turning from IIT Delhi. However if you talk about his financial turning, more than this is started from his IIM journey. He got also enrolled in A campus placement by IIM Ahmedabad. He then worked in various companies such as Grofers, PC Jewellers Limited and also in American Express. After this Ashneer Grover along with his partners launched BharatPe app. Ashneer Grover also left from his founding. Also it is one of the most used payment applications in India today named as Bharatpe. 


Ashneer Grover Net Worth
Ashneer Grover Net Worth


Ashneer Grover Family 

If we talk about the Ashneer Grover family then he is married. His wife’s name is Madhuri Jain Grover. She is also an entrepreneur and an industrious woman. She was an interior designer and worked with famous brands such as Satya Paul and Alok industries. If you talk about his children then he has two children, one girl and one boy. When Ashneer started Bharathpe could not afford many employers, so Madhuri joined BharatPe and helped him a lot in his situation and internal operations. So overall his family is very supportive and his work is one of the industries due to his family. 

Ashneer Grover Net Worth In Rupees

The founder of Bharat pe and also the judge of shark Tank India Ashneer Grover Net Worth is 790 crore Rupees. If I talk about in Dollar then is the estimated net worth of $107 million. Ashneer Grover also achieved many awards. The reason behind your very famous day in the social media platform is that he criticised and told the truth about the companies and their start-ups. Is criticising where there is very much slap mode. So overall if we talk about his achievement then he won the entrepreneur of the year award also. And he was also honoured with the young achiever award. 

Ashneer Grover BharatPe

Ashneer Grover BharatPe relation plays a very important role in his life. Ashneer came up with the idea of this payment mode application that became one of the most popular platforms in India in a short period of time. This application is used by many Indians because of the name BharatPe. The company is headquartered in New Delhi and is one of India’s leading FinTech companies. This company is already managed by many of his partners and the idea of this company was started by him. However the current position is he resigned from the post of MD and companies board director post on 28 February 2022. For more details you can also update with us and to know more about that you can also check Wikipedia. 

Ashneer Grover Net Worth 2023 

We have already talked about Ashneer Grover Net Worth 2023. Hey, we can be one of the seven shark investors in the first season of this show. However in the second season he was not as the judges in the shark Tank. Due to which this year the shark tank was also not famous. Overall he is one of the industries people of India and his working capacity is unbelievable. So this is all about Ashneer Grover Net Worth, you like this post regarding network then to share with others. 

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What is the Ashneer Grover Net Worth?

Ashneer Grover Net Worth is 790 crore rupees.

What is the age of Ashneer Grover?

The age of Ashnoor Grover is 40 years. 

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