Assam Atmanirbhar Yojana Registration, Benefits, Scheme Details, Form

A new scheme is going to come soon in the name of the Assam Self-reliant Scheme, the objective of which will be to give 1-month training to all the unemployed people, in which they will be given such skills so that they can earn money for their daily life. It is being told that this scheme was presented in the cabinet meeting on 12 September 2023. According to the information, a stipend of ₹ 10000 will be given by the government even during the 1 month training. More than two lakh people will get direct benefits from this scheme in the state. In this article, we are going to give you the information related to Assam Atmanirbhar Yojana Registration.

Assam Atmanirbhar Yojana Registration

If you are also a resident of Assam state and are interested in the Assam Self-reliant Scheme which has just been presented in the Assembly, then read this article till the end because from now on, if you have information about this scheme, then you can share it with all your knowledgeable friends and If you have relatives, you can strengthen them financially by telling them about it. Assam Atmanirbhar Yojana Registration will also start soon and for that, an online portal will also be opened by the government.

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As you all know as per the order of the Central Government from 1st October, only one document will be sufficient for any type of registration in the entire country which is Birth Certificate. It is possible that even in the state of Assam, you may need only the birth certificate for Assam Atmanirbhar Yojana Registration. In this article we have talked about this scheme in great detail, so please read the article till the end and understand how you can benefit from this scheme.

Assam Atmanirbhar Yojana Registration Overview


Article Assam Atmanirbhar Yojana Registration
Organization State Government
Beneficiary Youth
Draft 12th September
Launch 23rd September
Year 2023
State Assam


Assam Atmanirbhar Yojana Full Details

All the people who read newspapers or watch the news every day know that the Assam government has come up with a scheme to help the unemployed and economically backward people there, the purpose of which is to provide people with financial assistance for 1 month. To give such skill training so that he can earn money. According to Assam Atmanirbhar Yojana Full Details, this training will be conducted by professional trainers and during this training, a stipend of ₹ 10000 will also be given by the government. Registration can also be done online only.

Assam Atmanirbhar Yojana Registration
Assam Atmanirbhar Yojana Registration


Assam Atmanirbhar Yojana Benefits

Ever since the government of Assam passed the draft of such a scheme in the Cabinet of Assam, which will directly benefit the young people there, the curiosity to know about the Assam Atmanirbhar Yojana Benefits this scheme has increased among the people. According to the information, those who participate in this training should be given a stipend of ₹ 10000 during the training, should be given good skill training, and then to start a new business, a loan will be given by the government at a very low-interest rate. Will have to return after 5 years of starting the business.

Assam Atmanirbhar Yojana Application

All the information given to you above about the Assam Self-reliant Scheme is true, but as of now, only the draft of this scheme has been passed in the cabinet. When will this scheme be launched and when will the registration of this scheme start, it is not known yet. Nothing can be said. When the Assam government opens the online portal for this scheme, you will have to fill out the Assam Atmanirbhar Yojana Application, with the help of which your name can be included in the list of beneficiaries of this scheme. Some conditions will be imposed to avail the benefits of this scheme such as family income.

How to do Registration for Assam Atmanirbhar Yojana?

For those people who do not know how to register for the schemes launched by the government, we have written step-by-step information below. Please follow them and do similar registration for many different government schemes like the Assam Self-reliant Scheme:

  1. First of all open the official website related to the scheme
  2. Register using the phone number
  3. Now you have to fill out the application form by entering all your correct information.
  4. You have to submit soft copies of the necessary documents that have been asked of you.
  5. After following the above steps, your application will go for review.
  6. A notification will be sent to you as soon as your name is included in the beneficiary list.

Assam Atmanirbhar Yojana Launch

If you have read this article from the beginning, you will know all the benefits mentioned in this article and will also know how to register for this scheme and why it is necessary to fill out the application form. This Assam self-reliant scheme was presented in the cabinet on 12th September and according to the information, the state government of Assam is going to launch this scheme Assam Atmanirbhar Yojana and its expected date has been kept as 23rd September 2023. If you find it informative to read about government schemes like this, then please follow our website.


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FAQs on Assam Atmanirbhar Yojana Registration

When would this yojana launch?

May 23rd September 2023.

Who will be the beneficiaries?


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