Digital Data Protection Bill 2023, Gets Cabinet’s Approval

Last Wednesday, a draft was approved by the Central Cabinet Committee, which was called the Personal Data Protection Bill 2023, and the monsoon session was set to present it in Parliament. According to the Digital Data Protection Bill 2023, it has come to light that if a company breaks the rules, then a fine of Rs 250 crore can be imposed on it by the government. According to the information, if the Digital Data Protection Bill 2023 is implemented, then this bill After the implementation of the data, people will get a right according to which they will be eligible to ask for details about their data collection, storage, and processing. So friends, let us give you more information about this bill, but first of all, you have to read this article till the end.

Digital Data Protection Bill 2023

Let us make it clear to you that if the Digital Data Protection Bill 2023 is passed, then many types of benefits will emerge from it, whose information will definitely be made available below in this article. According to the information, a special type of data protection board will be formed by the government; its main task will be to resolve the differences between the two parties and settle the issues related to privacy. 

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That is, any person or company that violates this law will have to go to the Data Protection Board set up by the concerned government. If the digital data protection bill 2023 comes into force, that is, if it takes the form of a law, then in view of this, it will be very easy to protect the personal data of consumers.

Digital Data Protection Bill 2023 PDF Overview 


Article Title  digital data protection bill 2023
Department  Consumer Conservation Department 
Monsoon session start date 20 July 2023
Bill name Data Protection Bill 
Year 2023
Launch by  Central Government 
Penalty  250 crore Rs. 


Data Protection Bill PDF

It was last year that an exercise was introduced by Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnav to make the digital data protection bill 2023 a law, and this exercise was introduced in the monsoon session. Similarly, the approval has now been made available in the form of the Protection Bill for this year, effective July 5, 2023, by the Modi cabinet. 

One thing has been clearly clarified under the Data Protection Bill PDF: even if this bill is passed in Parliament, if someone is found violating this rule, then by taking legal action against him, he will be fined Rs 250 crore. A fine of Rs.10,000 will be imposed by the government; that is, first the incident will be investigated by the board, and if the facts are found correct in the investigation, then legal action will be taken.


Digital Data Protection Bill
Digital Data Protection Bill


Data Protection Bill, India

The Monsoon Session of Parliament will run from July 20 to August 11, 2023. On the other hand, it has been learned that almost all the provisions of the previous draft have been included in the draft DPDP Bill, which has been approved by the Union Cabinet. According to the source, under the Data Protection Bill of India, the government units that are covered by this law have not been given full exemption. 

If there is any kind of dispute, then through the digital data protection bill of 2023, the citizen will claim compensation through the civil court. In the case of the Data Protection Bill, there are many such things that will be considered slow developments going forward. According to the sources, the law for which the bill has been passed will give individuals the physical and fundamental right to get the details of their storage, processing, and data collection.

Data Protection Bill 2023 Summary

Under the Data Protection Bill 2023, a total of six types of penalties have been provided by the government for the companies. According to the Data Protection Bill 2023 Summary, apart from the provisions listed under this Act, any rules made under other provisions of Non-compliance will attract a fine of Rs 50 crore for the individual or company. 

There is a provision for a Rs 200 crore fine on the board and the affected parties in case of non-fulfilment of additional obligations in respect of children and in case of personal data breach. According to the rules, the country’s personal data is collected and used through legal means. The Digital Data Protection Bill 2023 is such a law; to control the news, transparency regarding its production will be adopted.

Draft Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2023

If you feel that your personal data is being misused, then through this digital data protection bill 2023, you are protected and can lodge your complaint with the Data Protection Board. The result of this will be that crime will reduce as people will be able to lodge their complaints with the crime board. 

And the board itself will decide the total fine amount to be imposed on such a person or company; all this right will be reserved with the Data Protection Board. Along with this, where has it also gone in this draft that any company will have the right to collect personal data of people only when it has a full guarantee that it is keeping the data of the people completely safe? 

And the data of any particular person cannot be stored unless it is very necessary. The biggest benefit of the draught Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2023 will be that, on the one hand, the rate of the digital economy will increase in the country, and on the other hand, the servers of the companies will gather in the country.

FAQs Related to digital data protection bill 2023

When will the Digital Data Protection Act of 2023 be applicable?

The Google Data Protection Bill 2023 is being talked about starting on July 20, 2023, in the monsoon session.

When did the central government approve the draft for the Personal Data Protection Bill 2023?

The Central Government approved the draft for the Personal Data Protection Bill 2023 on July 5, 2023.

What is the name of the Digital Data Protection Bill 2023?

Information about data collection, storage, and processing will be available through the Digital Data Protection Bill 2023.

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