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Abdul Rozik, who has the title of being the smallest person in the world today, is going to give you the desired information about Abdul Rozik, and we will also tell you about Abdul Rozik’s net worth today. Who is Abdul Rozick? How is it going to appear in Salman Khan’s controversial show, Bigg Boss 16? In fact, let me tell you that Abdul Rojik, who is a native of Tajikistan and is a singer by profession, is featured in Salman Khan’s well-known film Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi. 

Abdu Rozik Net Worth

He has made a good name for himself with his acting in Jaan and has also entertained people. You will also find information regarding Abdu Rozik’s net worth in this article. You should read this article from beginning to end. It is worth mentioning that Abdul Rozi is a young singer and actor who has a tremendous fan following. His fan following has come from him frequently sharing funny videos and photos on social media. That is why it is mainly preferred by people.

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Abdul Rozi’s net is worth about and detailed information about Abdul Rozi’s life introduction and happy relationship you are going to get here today. Abdul Rozi, the world’s youngest singer from Tajikistan, is recognized in every corner of the world. Abdul also has a good reach in India. Abdul Rozik’s net worth is said to be over two lakh dollars, which he has mainly made from sponsorships and singing.

Abdul Rozik net Worth 2023 PDF Overview 


Article Title  abdu rozik net worth
Full Name  Savrikul mohamad roji
Date of birth 03 September 2003
Birthplace Panjakent , Tajikistan
Total height 3 feet 2 inch
Net worth More than 2 lakh dollar
Total weight 15 kg. 


Abdul Rozik Career

Abdu started his career at an early age. He started his career in singing at the age of 6 and took his first step towards making his career. He made his name as a singer by virtue of his hard work and produced many songs in his mother tongue, Tajik, which were very He was a superduper hit. 

Abdul Rozik’s Career came out in a very tough way. He worked as a fighter in mixed martial arts, in which he also involved children and Bone players as fighters. Under Abdul Rozik’s net worth, Abdul has more than 3.8 million fan followings on Instagram, where he stays active for considerably longer. Photos of her with big stars at home and abroad keep coming. In 2022, Abdul was awarded the Celebrity Influencer of the Year award. Abdul got special recognition in Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss.


Abdu Rozik Net Worth
Abdu Rozik Net Worth


Why is Abdu Rozik’s Height small?

As you know, Abdul’s height is very low, i.e., his total height is 3 feet 2 inches. By virtue of his height, he has gained such great fame by the way he looks like a kid, but his actual age is about 19 from 20 years. People who asked the question, Why is Abdu Rozik’s Height Small? 

It turned out that in childhood he had a disease called rickets, which we call a dry disease in common language. This serious disease in his body caused calcium and vitamin D deficiency due to which his bones weakened, and this caused Abdu Rock’s height to stop.

Abdul Rozik Biography in Hindi

Abdul Rozi’s native country is Tajikistan, where he was born into a Muslim family on September 3, 2003. His real name is mentioned by us in the FAQs below. His parents’ names are Sabriqul Mohammed and Ruhafza. 

According to the information received by Abdul Rozik’s Biography in Hindi, he has made a distinct identity as the smallest human being in the world and has knowledge of languages like Persian, Russian, Tajik, Hindi, and English, etc. He learned all this knowledge at home because he was in school for a short time. He learned to read and write at home.

Abdu Rozik Wiki Biography

  • Abdul Rojak is a well-known singer and actor whose real name is Savrikul Mohammadrozik. 
  • He was born on September 3, 2003. His birthday falls on September 3 every year, which is celebrated by Abdu with great pomp and ceremony with big country and foreign actors. 
  • Abbu must have been only 3 to 5 years old when he was diagnosed with rickets. 
  • It is only because of this Bonepan that he made a name for himself. 
  • And he made his name at home and abroad as a singer, musician, boxer, and blogger. 
  • Their religion is Islam, and their total height is 3 feet 2 inches. They weigh just 15 kilos. 
  • They speak Persian, Russian, Tajik, Hindi, and English.
  • They are not married yet; they are still single and currently live in Kazakhstan. 
  • His citizenship is Tajikistani.

FAQs Related to Abdu Rozik’s net worth

How much of a network does Abdul Rozi have?

Abdul Rose’s net worth is said to be over $200,000.

What is Abdul’s total height?

Abdu’s total height is 3 feet 2 inches.

What is Abdul Rozi’s real name?

Abdul Rojik’s real name is Sawrikul Mohammadroziki.

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